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Here is some info about myself.
It started with the mop which was not unscrewed.Screwed motorcycle when I was 17 on my father and uncle's BSA A10 -51 in the apartment in Trollhättan.

There were times there (surely the wife would not join in today).
Tried some time with Classic racing, first with a remodeled BSA A65.The placements were not even near the podium but it was fun.Then I put together a Rickman BSA Rocket 3. The change was not great and the ground breakdown also appeared a bit fall (thank you Fridman in Västerås for all the help I received).But it was just as fun for that.It was about getting together the ride for driving and gasoline for the car.But now I have started with a little race again.

Jan Bernhardsson, Tele 0706946245 jan.bernhardsson.swe@gmail.com
Svensebergvägen 4
45155 Uddevalla SWEDEN
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